Upcoming Training Opportunities

RCD Kansas Training

July 6-7, 2017

Cost: $225

Educational Technology Center
116 West Seventh St, Newton, KS
8:00 Registration

Training 8:30 - 3:30 (with a one hour lunch break on your own)

The training consists of two full days and is provided for teachers and administrators and all others that work with students. Participants will explore their personal beliefs of discipline and look for solutions to improve their current personal use of discipline techniques as well as learning how to implement a consistent plan in their entire school. The focus of RCD is to develop a plan to systematically create a culture of respect and responsibility in your school. All schools desire this, but few have a plan that can achieve it. The RCD plan and training can do that for your school. The plan has seen success in schools across the nation and is a simple and realistic plan to implement.

Too many times a plan is too complex, too expensive or too labor intensive to actually become a part of the school. This plan was created by a practicing educator who really knows what schools deal with on a daily basis. This makes it very different than plans created by researchers and therapists. Some of these plans are very good, but they are often unrealistic in a school and for a teacher with a full plate already.

Participants will be actively engaged in discussion and exploration of many strategies as they are presented. After the groundwork is put into place there will be opportunities for the participants to begin using the skills they have learned. This will be done in a fun and supportive method. Practice is the only way to go back to your school ready for the challenges you will face. Participants will also begin to build their own personal booklet that is unique to them and will help them process tough situations with students. Being yourself is important and this process is designed to be comfortable to all who receive the training. Materials are provided and will help support you during implementation.