It is a foundational tenet of Responsibility-Centered Discipline that in order for academic interventions to succeed, a system must be implemented to monitor and respond to student discipline issues and behaviors.

“These strategies place the student at the heart of every presentation. Those in attendance walk away with practical applications to use immediately in their classrooms.”
Amy Wagoner, Principal
Holy Cross School

Academic programs like RTI (Response to Intervention) and MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Support) have been implemented in schools across North America in order to increase student achievement. Not only do student discipline issues disrupt the learning environment, but time-based consequences have the unfortunate side effect of removing students who may need the most help from the classroom.

A key to success for both RTI and MTSS is involving all students in the first level of intervention – and RCD is designed to provide consistent and effective disciplinary support at that level. RCD will also support the process as these programs move into more advanced tiers.

The Link Between Responsibility-Based Behavior and Student Achievement