Responsibility-Centered Discipline uses a “Give ‘em Five” guided conversation to train educators to incorporate five themes into their corrective conversations.

These conversations are highly personalized, because educators decide what words they will use — and the themes do not need to be addressed in any particular order. The goal of “Give ‘em Five” is to help educators feel comfortable and natural while delivering a message of responsibility. The five themes are:

  • Support
    – Use supportive statements that connect to your relationship with the student or identify a strength that she possesses.
  • Expectation
    – Let the student know the expectation you have for him in the class.
  • Breakdown
    – Communicate where you see the expectation breaking down or failing to be met.
  • Benefit
    – Tell the student how meeting the expectation benefits her.
  • Closure
    – Determine whether the situation has been resolved or whether the conversation is at a place where you can feel comfortable moving on.

The Link Between Responsibility-Based Behavior and Student Discipline: